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Coors Mild is usually a vintage American light-weight lager that has been all around for years. It had been established to get the perfect harmony between clear taste and refreshment. 图:冬阴功汤。 冬阴功汤是泰国的美食名片之一,在泰国非常普遍,普通人家常饮此汤,大小餐馆也都能吃到。 这道汤的名字中,“冬阴”是酸辣的意思,“功”是虾的意思,翻译过来其实就是酸辣虾汤,也可以把虾换成其它海鲜和... https://troydjotz.webdesign96.com/16991558/the-singha-678-diaries


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